Colton Woytas
Figuring out where the buttons need to go and how they should look
🌲🌲🌲B&B AND ME🌲🌲🌲
I spent last summer as design intern at Brault & Barnes Design as we worked through re-designing the web presence of a major Vermont utility.

I learned a ton about the agency design process, client relations, and the relevant inspiration to be found in exercising creativity outside of work. Forever thankful to Jeremy and Lisa for having me along and answering sooOOoo0ooo many questions about design, life, and Vermont.
👇 homepage concept
I did a lot of wireframes, trust me 👌
I also made a lot of visual iterations 👀
rates visual concept 👉
~ my first ever icon set ~
This was an early proposal for exploring a map of power outages on mobile.
did a lil motion study
I turned this picture...
...into this asset 🤘 /